Experience Levels

Experience Levels

About Experience Levels


When you share a car on Weshare, you travel with a member of a trusted community. Every member has an Experience Level that evolves with time and activity. Levels help you choose the right co-traveller for the ideal Weshare journey. There are five Levels:

When you have a high Level it shows that you are a highly trusted member of the Weshare community. Your Level is based on four factors:

Email and Mobile number verification

The completion of your profile

# of ratings and the % of positive ratings given to you by other members

How long you have been a member for

Your Level is updated within 24 hours.


How to raise your Experience Level


Fill out your profile to reach 100% profile completion: 


Complete your name, year of birth, and bio (30%)


> Verify your email address and mobile number (15%)

This raises your Level because other members know they will be able to contact you and it will be easy to organise journey details.


> Add your profile photo (15%)

This raises your Level because members like to see who they'll be travelling with. You can upload your profile photo straight from Facebook, it only takes a few seconds!


> Fill in your preferences (20%)


> Give details on your car (20%)

If you are a car owner, this raises your Level, because co-travellers like to know the car they will be travelling in. 

If you don't have a car, indicate it in your profile (it will also count for 20%).


> Complete your bio

This raises your level because members like having more information about you, which makes them feel more confortable when carsharing. You can write about your passions, hobbies, profession and why you use our site for example.

Complete your profile now!