Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I create an account?

You can sign-up by using your email address or connecting through Facebook,LinkedIn,Google+.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email to confirm your account. Please click on the link in the email to verify your account. Once this is done, make sure you complete your profile so other users can find out more about you.

How to reset or chnage my password?

To reset your password click on forgot password and enter your email address.After entering click submit you will recieve a new password. Please click on the link in the email to validate your account.

To change your password go to account in the dasboard click security.Type your current password enter your new password and confirm password, click on update password your password will be updated.

How do i modify my account?

To modify your account go to profile, click on edit profile modify your details like where you live, describe your self, phone no, email address to update click on save button

To chnage your photo click on photos upload a new image from your computer and click save.

How to delete my account?

To delete your accont go to account click settings.You can click on cancel account your account will be deleted.

How to change my country of residence?

To change your country of residence go to account. Select the country from the drop down and click on save country of residence.

Do i need to pay to create an account?

Creating an account on Weshare is completely free whether you are looking for hosting or searching for a property as a guest.

How do i verify my profile?

To verify your Weshare profile go to profile click on trust and verifications and verify the following.

  • Verify your email address?
  • Verify your phone no?
  • Verify your social media verifications?

How to verify my email address?

To verify your email address while creating account on Weshare you will recieve an email address.Click on the verify link and your email address will be verified.

How to verify my phone no?

Go to profile in the dashboard click trust and verifications.
To verify your phone no choose the country you are residing in and enter your phone no and click verify via sms. You will recieve a 6 digit verfication code enter code and click verify your phone no will be verified.

How to verify my Social media account?

To verify your social media account go to profile click trust an d verifications. You will find connect with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Click on connect to which ever social media you want to connect your Weshare profile.
You will be redirected to which ever social media you want to connect. You need to enter the credentials. Once credentials are entered your social media account will be verified.

Note: Weshare doesnot save any data coming from social media accounts.

How can i list my space?

To list your space you nedd to follow the following steps:

  • To list your space login to your account and click list your property.
  • Select the property you want to list from the drop down.
  • Select how many accomodates can fit into the place which your are listing.
  • Select calender when is your listing available. If its always available choose always available and if its some times available choose the dates when is your property available.
  • Set the pricing per night and choose the currency. If you are thinking to host for long term set prices per week or per month
  • Instant Booking: If you want to accept booking without verifying your guest then you can choose instant booking.
  • You can add pricing for additional services your providing with your listing. Additional services such as cleaning fees, airport pick up, breakfast etc. To add additional services click on add additional features.
  • Give a proper titel and summary about your listing
  • You need to add photos for your listing. Upload nice and clear photos so that guests can see.
  • Add proper address so that guests can find you easily.
  • Cancellation policy choose a policy which suits you. There are three cancellation policies strict, moderate and flexible.
  • After following all the steps you can click on list my space in the left hand side. Your listing will go live ones verified by Weshare

How do i edit my listing ?

To edit your listing go to dashboard click on listings. In manage listings you can find the list of listings you have listed with the titel. You can edit your listing by clicking on manage listing and calender.

What type of photos should you upload while listing?

Upload high quality photos to present your space. Take high resolution photos and photos should be in landscape mode not in vertical. Take photos during the day time. Share the photos of amenities which you are sharing with your listing.

How can i add amenities to my listing?

To add amenities go to manage listings. In manage listings you can find list of listings you have listed. Click on manage listing and calendar on the listing you want to add. Under amenities check the check boxes that you want to share with the guest.

What is Instant Booking?

If instant booking is On host doest not need to approve the booking. Guest can directly book the listing without approval.

How can i add cleaning fees?

To add cleaning fees go to manage listing. In manage listing you can find list of listings you have listed. Click on manage listing and calendar on the listing you want to add cleaning fees. In the pricing section in bottom you can find add additional features. Click on add additional features here you can add cleaning fees and price.

How do i book a place?

To book a place you need to create your profile on Before booking complete your profile and verify your profile as host like to accept verified guests.
Start searching for right places while searching please include city, your check In and chek Out dates and click on submit button. You will find different listings select the listing you want to book, contact host for any questions regarding listing. If you are interested send request to host to book the property. Ones host accepts you can pay for booking.

How do i cancel a reservation request?

In the dashboard go to your trips. In your trips you can find the booking details. You can click the cancel button to officialy cancel the booking.

How much time does a host have to respond to my reservation request?

Host has 24 hrs to respond to your reservation request. If host doesnot respond within 24 hrs the request will be invalid.

What type of payment methods Weshare accepts?

Weshare uses 2 third party payment gateways Paypal and stripe. You can pay through any of the one payment gateway.

How do i use a coupon code?

While paying for the booking it will ask do you have any coupon codes ? Please enter the coupon code and click apply. Discount will be applied on your booking.

How do reviews work?

All the reviews on Weshare are written by hosts and guests. You have 10 days after check out to write a review. You can review both host and guest based on stay. A review is approved by Weshare in advance before it goes online.

How to review a host or guest?

After guests check out both guest and host will recieve an email form Weshare it will ask guest to review host and host to review guest. They can review each other Weshare will approve reviews before going live.

What is SSl and encryption?

Security on Weshare is through SSL (Secure socket layer) which is currently most reliable and most wide spread on internet. To verify that Weshare uses SSL simply check for small pad lock in green color in browser.

When your card will be charged?

Your card will be charged ones hosts accepts the reservation request. Ones booking is accepted you can pay through your card.

Why do you ask payout details?

In order to send money for your listing Weshare needs your payout details. Please provide accurate contact and payout details to recieve funds.

How do i get paid?

Host will get paid after 24 hrs of guest check in time. Payouts will be send through payment gateways please make sure you have given accurate payout details.